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MOM Group Cooking Classes
Slam Cooking Class:
How the heck do I cook this?!?

Prepare to get your culinary creativity on! 

It's like a poetry slam, where you bring yourself, your passion, your humble heart, your fearlessness, and your desire to experience more into my judgement-free, unpretentious home kitchen. We talk flavor combinations, food origins and have as much fun as possible as we prep, cook and enjoy our finished meal as a group. This is a hands-on class.


How it works:

You bring any culinary item you are flummoxed by, a bottle of wine per couple (or similar beverage) to share, 5 friends and I bring 28 years of culinary experience plus the spices, herbs, seasonings and additional ingredients to the table. Once you reserve your class we'll communicate about what everyone is bringing so I can devise a plan of action and we don't end up with a mountain of spaghetti squash! Learn how to cook your difficult items in easy and delicious ways with this fun, relaxed and hands-on cooking class that focuses on basic techniques paired with clean and healthy eating. Gluten-free options available. 


  • Class size: 6 friends (couples welcome).

  • Class cost: $45/per person / $270.00 for 6 people

  • Class Length: 5hrs culminating in a shared meal.

    • Sundays: 1pm-6pm

    • Weekdays: 10:00am-3pm (ideal for moms with school age kids)*

      • *Non-alcoholic beverage option suggested

      • At least 5 days previous booking required.


Button below will charge you $270.00 for all 6 friends





Private cooking lessons available: $65/per hour, 3hour minimum

Cook Clean

Clean eating as a way of life. Not as a diet or a fad..