Logan Niles

Mom On a Mission
Wellness/Lifestyle Coach
Been There, Done That. Not Going Back..

I'm a Mom On a Mission and I'm no Spring chicken. I've been around the block a bunch of times and I've tried a lot of things.


I did raw food, 95% in the mid 90's, did lacto-ov after that, gluten-free, the Master Cleanse for 22 days straight, juce fasting, colon cleansing, juicing, intermittent fasting ...sheesh, I get tired just reading that list!


I did it all with the goal of staying lean. And as a professional chef and mom that can be tough.


But in January of 2013 I found an solution that helped me find balance and helped  me excell at my fitness routine at the same time. I'm excited to share what I discovered with you because it's easy and life changing.