POP Tip #2: Make A Fresh Start Now! Yes, right now!

POP Tip #2: Make A Fresh Start Now! Yes, right now!

t's the end of Summer and I'm so glad! It's time for some serious change to happen in your life. Time to get back on track towards your fitness and health goals, time to get things into gear.

Keep in mind though that you're all still human, you're inevitably going to make a few choices that throw you off track. But when you do slip, it's great to remember that it's just a moment in time, Part of the Process (POP!) that nothing you can't get past.

In my video I share some simple and fast things you can do right now..yes, even now..to help you self-correct and keep moving forward vs back.

Enjoy and let me know on Facebook what you do so self-correct: MOM On Facebook



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