Marathon Woman? No thank you!

I have no desire to run a marathon. There, I sad it.

I just feel I have to put that out there since most of the people I know on a fitness journey drop this into their fitness Bucket List like children on an Easter egg hunt. Get more eggs!! But honestly, I don’t like distance running. Or the expectation that I should because others do, I did it in my 20’s when I was very lean..hell, I was underweight at 120lbs and 5’7’. And the only reason I did it was because everyone around me told me it would help me stay skinny. It did, though I was also sorely lacking in muscle tone; but that’s a different post. But I didn’t actually enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s was great not to be out of breath, to “catch my stride” or "get a second wind" where my lungs weren't struggling just to keep up. The feeling as if I really used my legs well. But 9 times out of 10 I just wanted to stop.

I would need to listen to *just* the right music and go just the right distance to keep at it. Hell, they’re were times when would run 10 yards when a little voice in my head would say, “What the hell are you doing?” and I would stop, turn around and go home. Even now if I do run for distance I need to do it on a treadmill so it keeps me moving so I don’t just stop and say “fuck it!” and it’s always goal oriented: distance of pace. So you won’t find me on some idyllic country run enjoying the scenery any time soon. Boring!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the right kind of exercise for me, so that wasn’t the “stop and just throw it all out the window and eat potato chips on the couch” voice. No, that was the “You don’t enjoy running so why are you doing it?” voice. I love lifting weight, I love kayaking, snowboarding, swimming; I love a lot of other sports. But not distance running. Okay, I do enjoy the burst of adrenaline I get when I sprint for a bus or barely catch my kid mid-air as he dives off the couch and nearly misses the edge of the coffee table, and the other short-burst of fun stuff, but that’s about it when it comes to running. So no, I won’t “run for a cause” or do a marathon any time soon.

And I suspect I’m not alone.

So stop striving for something others want you to do, and you think you should do, when it comes to your fitness goals. Stop trying to run marathons because you think that’s the epitome of being fit. It’s not. It’s just what a lot of people use to get there, if that. Or because your friends keep telling you you need to or have to. Instead, do the sports that make you happy, that make you want to lace up, boot up, strap in and raise hell with your body! Just do what you love (maybe it’s Dance Walking or insane Spin Classes or Trampoline awesomeness like this and the fitness will follow. Because when you are passionate about what you do, you want to get out there and do it every chance you get.

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